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So I'm currently working on a game called Super 3-D Crunk Bros.. Today I’ll be talking about how I plan to get the game on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • PS Vita
  • PS4
  • Switch

It sounds crazy (particularly the last three), but it really isn’t. The workflow is a lot different than your typical game/app, because everything is handled internally by Game Maker: Studio, porting to multiple platforms is easier than ever. I've found that the concept that "I can" port my game to several different platforms using their IDE makes the process a lot more welcoming.

But it’s still got a certain level of obnoxiousness. Sure the back-end stuff (which is, arguably, the most difficult part of the process) is handled by GM:S, but I still need to do a lot of work making sure the UX of the game is pleasant on all platforms the user could potentially play on.

These are the easy ones. Game Maker: Studio offers something called the YoYo compiler, which I will be utilizing. This allows me to basically convert my game into actual source code, and included will be YoYo’s runner, which handles its own object-oriented system. Each object in the game created in their IDE is converted over to C++ code, piggybacking on the libraries provided by YoYo Games. Binaries will be distributed through whatever online retailer works best for the project.

This platform is significantly more tedious, and it’s not even a mobile platform. Apple sucks. I’d like the game to be recognized as being by a “known developer,” this way the user doesn’t have to go out of their way to “trust” the game before starting it. So this requires a developer license, probably. I’m still looking into the entire world of Mac development. And this takes me to…

As tedious as MacOS, except with sprinkles on top. Apps can’t be installed on an iPhone from external sources unless the iPhone is jailbroken. We’re forced to use Apple’s store, obviously. And of course that would require the same license as MacOS I think. Game Maker: Studio (the version I use, 1.4.999, anyway) hasn’t been updated for iOS devices past the iPhone 6s, so I have no idea if the game will even look decent on an iPhone X or greater. How do I deal with the notch? Aghhhh

ADK, get a cheap $20 Android phone to test on, done.

PS Vita / PS4
There’s unofficial tools to allow exporting to both of these platforms. I can’t discuss them any further. They’re probably not legal. The game will be distributed as homebrew, probably indirectly and not alongside the other ports.

Plain and simple I don’t think we’re eligible (both technically, and in terms of what we have available) to become PlayStation developers. The sign-up process is tedious and their dev kits are expensive as hell. If it were easier, cheaper and more accessible, especially for a bunch of dudes just starting out, it’d be a lot more viable. But alas.

The PS Vita port is one of my favorites, just because it’s absurd. Who has a PS Vita? We’ve got a system seller right here.

I’ve been told Switch development is cheap, and you can technically utilize a retail console and Nintendo don’t care. Cool. I’ll look into this towards January, and it’ll require that we get Game Maker: Studio 2 for an official port and official release.

None of this is confirmed. Hell, in five months I think it’s more likely that the game will come out on PC alone. This is my first project where I’m setting deadlines for myself, so I’d like to at least get something out for February. Just trying to balance everything out right now.

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