Digitizing Vinyl Records

posted 2019-09-08 01:50:25

I've started to digitize some of my favorite vinyl records. I found a method that works really well and produces decent results.

I use Darren's turntable, an Orbit Basic, hooked up to a pre-amp we picked up at a local record store. From there, I have the pre-amp hooked up to the 3.5mm microphone input jack on my desktop computer.

I'd use a turntable with a USB output, but often times those turntables are cheap and not worth it. Depending on the record, I've found that certain songs require certain settings within Windows. I make sure microphone boost setting is never turned up, as this distorts the audio.

Usually 45-65 is the sweet spot. Certain records play louder than others, as far as I can tell. A rock record is going to play louder than a folk record.

I think the results sound pretty decent. I haven't heard the results with a "good" pair of headphones, just my cheap earbuds. But I assume it sounds passable. I'm still looking at options. Ripping vinyl to digital is annoying because once you get the record going, if anything goes awry you have to restart the recording (per song anyway) entirely.

I plan on ripping a few of my records and uploading them, given that YouTube doesn't take the uploads down immediately.

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