Day Two

posted 2019-09-03 23:51:08

Today I coded a comments system for this website. Check it out. Comment on this post maybe. Or yesterday's.

My philosophy towards this weblog is to have a consistent place to spill my thoughts on what's going on around campus, around my classes, and around my life in general. Coming to college is exciting for me, and I've got a lot to talk about. I've started passing the link around to this site and threw it on the whiteboard outside our dorm room in Weygand. Eventually, I want more people to read this site. Not sure how or if that's going to happen, but I figure my best bet is to continue promoting and sharing the link so people can tune in. Least it's pretty memorable, right?

Tomorrow is my first day of classes. I had a lot of trouble initially getting everything set up properly. I transferred from a community college, so the process was tedious, despite being set up specifically for students such as myself.

I was terribly unhealthy before school began. My average bedtime was never before midnight and my average wake-up time was usually sometime around noon. I've been trying to go to bed sometime before midnight, depending on what's going on, and I even woke up at 4 AM one night. So I've been trying to push myself to go to bed sometime around 10 PM. I really hope that doesn't subconsciously fade away quickly because tonight this comments system took me a lot longer than I intended for and so I'm getting ready for bed at like 12:30. Whatever.

Tomorrow, I've got two classes.
12:20 - 1:10 - COMM102-028, public speaking.
1:50 - 3:05 - MATH200-002, statistics.

I like the campus, but the amount of walking I've had to do in the last few days is definitely culture shock to me. I'm still exploring the different dining halls around here, trying to find the best place to eat.

I've also been going around to the different convenience stores and/or places I can buy cheap snacks and food, and I've got to say the best place I've found so far is Walgreens. Never thought that would be the case, but I found stuff there that was even cheaper than the Cumberland Farms which is usually my go-to for stuff like that.

Anyway, these thoughts are sort of scattered. I have to get ready for bed before it gets much later. I will return tomorrow.


echo 'alive';

posted 2019-09-02 22:33:26

It's about time I started this thing back up again.

I have my blog back up and running again. I figured now would be the best time to do it, considering I've just moved in yesterday and I've got a lot to say. This time, I'm running my own blog coded totally from scratch, this time I'm not using any Wordpress code. This means I have full control over everything, and I won't have to settle for a weird theme or layout because this site is entirely coded by myself. If anything breaks or goes wrong, I won't have to go out of my way to figure out how the hell Wordpress works, I can just look at my own code and try and figure out the problem.

Currently, there is no software available to create posts. I am talking now directly from my admin control panel. I'm working on software to make the process easier. I've already written software which manages the gallery portion of this website, just nothing to post new blog posts. One step at a time, I guess.

I'll be forwarding all new posts to Twitter and utilizing this medium to discuss anything serious. I'll also be sharing this site around campus with people that I know, given that anyone goes out of their way to check out this neck of the web.

Oh, and there's a comments section for posts coming soon, I guess. See you soon.


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