fear not - this website is not a data farm

however, it is worth noting that upon leaving a comment,
  your IP address will be linked to your response

it is stored in the same database as the comment itself,
  simply to fight spam and prevent spammers from posting any more content

there is a system in place,
  which will restrain you from commenting more than twice
    on a single post
      on a single IP address

as a warm, welcomed guest of arctic.zone,
  (despite the frigid name,)
    you, respectfully, have the right to disagree with this information being linked

aside from your IP being linked to your comment,
  arctic.zone strictly does not collect any data from you
    (what purpose would it serve?)

i believe in privacy, and you should too
  so if you would like to refrain from commenting, please do

thank you for visiting arctic.zone